China’s Wind Powered Car

Farmer and inventor Teng Zhenpig made a three meter long car that is powered by wind power.

The Chinese farmer and inventor Teng Zhenpig (55) made ​​the car drive which consists of a combination of currents and wind. It took him just three months to make his own special vehicle which is three meters long and one meter high.

The car has moving power from the start drawing power from the battery. When it reaches a speed of 65 kilometers per hour it begins to turn the fan on the nose vehicle that generates electricity and recharges the battery. In addition, the children built in the back two solar wings to fully charge the battery. While one part of the battery is used to start the vehicle, the other part of the battery is full. When you step on it, the car achieves a remarkable top speed of 140 km/h!

Tang was little interested in electronics. He got the idea to make his own electric vehicle 30 years ago. His started to work on his idea only three months ago, the car was completed in just three months. He spent only $ 1,600 (about 1,000 Euros), but he hopes that it will make a millionaire invention. However, he stresses that money was not the motive.

I want to help society. I want to see the people who drive it, and to be of use to people – says the inventor.

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