Top innovations in the car industry for 2012

The year behind us was overwhelmed with technical innovations when the car industry is concerned. I give you five most popular and definitely essential ones. Some of them, although well known, have been privileges of luxury cars, but lately they have become increasingly popular and available to everyone…

Stop-start: Economic control system which switches off your engine if it has not been used for a while. For instance, if you step out of the car and leave the engine running, it will shut down after a short period of time, thus saving the fuel consumption and protecting the envinronment.

Keyless entry and start:This system which unlocks and starts the vehicle becomes common with most cars, not only the luxury and expensive ones. Using the key is definately not “IN” in the car industry.

Surround View Camera: A very interesting camera which gives you the aerial view of your car. You will be able to see your car in motion from above which will be useful when driving through narrow streets. This interesting innovation first appeared in the popular German car manufacturing works of Mercedes with the model Mercedes-Benz GL350.

Collision-prevention and pedestrian-detection: This system has also become increasingly popular in the car industry. It prevents a vast number of accidents by warning you about other cars and reckless pedestrians. You have to admit this is awesome!
Turbocharging: The fact that car manufacturers also installed this option in small vehicles deserves an honourable mention. Up unitl now, it has been a privilege of the powerful, six-cylinder engines. This year, we witnessed the manufacturing of mid-sized cars with installed turbocharging even with the renowned manufacturers: Honda, Huyndai etc…

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