Chevrolet Impala- Car Review


Technical Mumbo-Jumbo:

VEHICLE TYPE: 4-Door sedan, Front Wheel Drive, 5-passenger
ENGINE TYPE: Gas/Ethanol V6, displacement- 3.6L/217, Horsepower- 300 @ 6500, Torque- 262 @ 5300
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automatic
FUEL ECONOMY (C/D EST):  EPA City driving: 18 mpg, highway driving: 30 mpg

Brian’s insight into this car

Chevrolet Impala is far below standard compared to its competitors. First of all, it offers less luxury than the its competitors, it’s poor when it comes to accessories. In addition, if it is valid to call it a spacious family car, it’s smaller than the others …. All in all, I’d never drive this car!

Although it has a quiet ride without wind and noise, in all other respects it’s pure junk! Besides its trunk and isn’t big enough… It has a bunch of flaws, do not see how anyone can drive it next to its competitors who are all a level higher than it …

The cabin is below average and you will feel like you are driving a mediocre car produced 20 years ago. You’ll hate the hard and uncomfortable seats, and not to mention your children in the back who will hate the trip for sure …

Brian, which one is best for me?

The equipment is poor and of poor quality. It comes in three levels, of which only the LTZ is noteworthy. The other two, particularly the basic LS package is extremely bad. If you want to buy yourself a automobile of this class, you’d better to opt for, lets say the Toyota Avalon, which is far more luxurious.

And the running costs are?

Despite all the flaws that the Chevy Impala has, it’s still a good selling car. And it’s because of the price, consumption and maintenance. In a word, it’s a great deal. Initially, this vehicle is pretty expensive, but I as I mentioned I think there are better rivals for the money. It has a six-speed transmission that automatically guarantees small consumption. And as far as  the insurance is concerned, it;s in a lower, less expensive category to insure.. .But it’s no wonder because i doubt anyone would want to steal it. : D

Problems, and more problems with this car?

Economy is not always the most important thing in a car. Comfort for the family still is. And this car has such a  bad and uncomfortable cabin it’s amazing, which is far below any average, it is pointless to even try and name so many little faults.

Brian’s final verdict

Bad and Poor automobile

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