50th Anniversary of the Car Wash

Image source: (ozbenz.net)

The first automatic car wash with brushes appeared in Germany in 1962.

History proves again and again that the best ideas are the simplest ones – they just need someone to think of them. In 1960 Weigele Johann Gebhard and Sulzberger had an architectural office in Augsburg, Germany.

As the nature of their work is found on construction sites, their cars were always very dirty. They washed their cars themselves, that took a very long time. Older gas stations very rarely had a covered area where cars were washed by hand, in a traditional way, using water from a hose and a sponge in the other hand.

Weigele Johann Gebhard and Sulzberger were not happy with this situation and began to think of how to automate the car wash. It took them two years come up with a first grade solution that worked in practice. Thus, the first automatic car wash entered into service 1962 in Germany, specifically the 8th of August. Which they then registered as a patent.

The first automatic wash appeared in 1962 and had two rotating and moving brushes, but already a year later it had a three brush system that is maintained to this day. For years ordinary water amended shampooing, spraying wax rinses, and dry streaming of air, and there’s been great progress in the construction materials that today’s rotating brushes are made of…

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