Citroen Shows off its New DS3

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Citroën introduces the new winter collection for the Citroën DS3, a chic and trendy city car, is even more original and innovative. There are two new roofs :  Moondust Grey and Blue Infini, which has placed an emphasis on sophistication and elegance. The bodywork is now offered in ravishing red Rubi color. New colors are complemented with the new light 16” alloy wheels in a bright blue Infini color.

The ability to personalize the interior is complemented by two decorative packages Moondust Grey and Blue Infini, which contains, depending on the package, part of the dashboard, air vents and gear lever will be in the color of your selected package. It will have 3D LED rear lights which give it a new and distinctive lighting signature and new petrol VTi 82 for improved engine performance.

Citroën is currently the European leader in terms of C02 emissions (with an average 124.6 g C02) and is very dedicated to the further reduction of greenhouse gases. Therefore, the Citroën DS3 introduces an aspirated three-cylinder gasoline engine, called Pure Tech. The VTi 82 engine has a maximum power of 60 kW, i.e. 82 hp, with levels of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reaching a low with values ​​between 4.5 and 4.6 l/100km and CO2 104-107 g / km.

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