So far the most economical Golf

The German manufacturer has presented seventh generation of best-selling C-segment cars, its Golf BlueMotion version. At Volkswagen says it’s the most economical Golf in the history of this model. Volkswagen at the Paris Motor Show presented prototypes of the Golf BlueMotion economical and sports GTI version.

The new Golf BlueMotion has an average fuel consumption of 3.2 l/100 km, and emits 85 g CO2/km.

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China’s Wind Powered Car

Farmer and inventor Teng Zhenpig made a three meter long car that is powered by wind power.

The Chinese farmer and inventor Teng Zhenpig (55) made ​​the car drive which consists of a combination of currents and wind. It took him just three months to make his own special vehicle which is three meters long and one meter high.

The car has moving power from the start drawing power from the battery. When it reaches a speed of 65 kilometers per hour it begins to turn the fan on the nose vehicle that generates electricity and recharges the battery. In addition, the children built in the back two solar wings to fully charge the battery. While one part of the battery is used to start the vehicle, the other part of the battery is full. When you step on it, the car achieves a remarkable top speed of 140 km/h!

Tang was little interested in electronics. He got the idea to make his own electric vehicle 30 years ago. His started to work on his idea only three months ago, the car was completed in just three months. He spent only $ 1,600 (about 1,000 Euros), but he hopes that it will make a millionaire invention. However, he stresses that money was not the motive.

I want to help society. I want to see the people who drive it, and to be of use to people – says the inventor.

Smart Car On The Wings Of Design

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The latest combination of fashion and lifestyle, this car gives us a chance to see the imagination of American designer Jeremy Scott at work.

It’s an unusual solution for Smart’s model “Fort”, the city toddler on debut in Los Angeles attracted media attention particularly for its unusual appearance and eccentric wings on its body. The futuristic design perfectly fits the future, since it comes with the Smart electric drive.

In addition to its ecological “heart” and the original design, the new buggy from Los Angeles gets points and wins with interior quality. The unique “Forte” with an interior made ​​of leather with bright stitching, has complete multimedia equipment and an unusual shape of its steering wheel.

In the studio located in California, the entire process lasted 8 months, and besides its avant-garde looks, Smart’s “forjeremy” thanks to its 55 kilowatts, provides a top speed of 125 kilometers per hour, and accelerates to 60 km/h in 4.8 seconds.

Lovers of fashion design and original cars, wait till next year, when the recently introduced concept will be promoted as a production model, in a limited number of copies.

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Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car

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You’ve bought your dream car and now you want to make it last as long as possible in top condition. Here are some things to remember as you pull out of the dealer’s lot:

Take it slow when you get stuck:

If you get bogged down in snow or mud, try not to create any damage to your car. The key is to slowly keep rocking the car backwards and forwards till you get enough momentum to break free.

Try to avoid spinning your wheels uncontrollably, as this will heat up your transmission and drive-train and can cause unnecessary wear and tear. In the end it might be easier and less expensive to call a tow truck or a friend to tow you. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry some sand or dirt in the trunk either for added traction in sticky situations.

Keep your car clean during the winter also:

Most people don’t like to wash their cars during the winter months. By the amount of dirty cars on the road during winter, one has no choice but to get that impression. Why wash it when it will get dirty straight away, right?

This is a bad misconception because it’s quite the opposite. In a lot of ways it’s far more important, as it’s exactly all that road grime and slush mixed with ice and salt that causes all your cars rust. The most corrosion happens when temperatures rise above and below freezing repetitiously.

So try to rinse your car’s undercarriage and hard to reach areas as often as possible as to avoid rust. So if the weather is above freezing, take the time to pamper your car a little and give it a wash, it will add years of driving pleasure to your car.

Storing your car long term:

If you won’t be using your car for extended periods, It could be a good idea to store it and keep it safe from unwanted damage whilst not in use.

Keep the fuel tank filled to reduce the risk of condensation. If using fuel additives, drive the car around for a little to mix it evenly.

When washing your car, wax it also to protect the paint finish.

Using a drop cloth on your garage floor will act as a vapor barrier.

Avoid brake corrosion by disengaging you hand brake.

Alleviate the wheels and suspension by putting your car on jack stands.

Avoid draining your battery by placing it on a trickle type charger to keep it powered up.

Plug up your exhaust pipe to keep moist air from entering it during long periods of storage.

Santa’s New Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser

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The Christmas & New Year atmosphere has spread throughout the world and the Lexus Company joins in the celebration. The company unveiled a funny offer for Santa Claus that included a Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser or LFLC.

Lexus has released a humorous photo of a special hybrid sleigh for Santa that does not pollute the environment and it even has a special power mode and lights that allow Santa Claus to land on the roofs of houses while bringing presents to children.

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Mazda 2 – Car review

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Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 5-door hatchback
ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum block and head, port fuel injection
TRANSMISSIONS: 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual
PERFORMANCE (C/D EST):Zero to 60 mph: 9.5 sec, Standing ¼-mile: 17.4 sec
EPA city/highway driving: 27–29/33–35 mpg

source specification:

Brian’s insight into this car

Mazda 2 is quite a roomy and reliable car. It has sharp and precise steering, and is quite pleasant to drive. Unlike the Mazda 3, which I think is a very bad car, Mazda 2 is a great supermini. It is quite roomy, the rear seats can be fine tuned to accommodate three adult people. It will not of course be as comfortable as a limousine, but again, for It’s size and class the space is more than enough.

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Skoda Octavia

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Skoda has finally unveiled its new 3rd generation Octavia.

Based on the known MQB platform, which it shares with the Golf VII, Audi A3 and Seat Leon. The third generation Octavia is considerably longer and more efficient in every way, while maintaining the same level of quality that has made it celebrated throughout Europe. Continue reading

The Monstrous Milan Abarth

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The Abarth name, as throughout history and the present, is most often associated with the most powerful Fiat models. While the desire for fast cars still flows through the veins of the Abarth companies founders, distant heir Karl Abarth is still in business. They recently presented a stunning super automobile for the road, a car that looks and goes like no other in the world – Milan Abarth. Continue reading

Top innovations in the car industry for 2012

The year behind us was overwhelmed with technical innovations when the car industry is concerned. I give you five most popular and definitely essential ones. Some of them, although well known, have been privileges of luxury cars, but lately they have become increasingly popular and available to everyone…

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Chevrolet Impala- Car Review


Technical Mumbo-Jumbo:

VEHICLE TYPE: 4-Door sedan, Front Wheel Drive, 5-passenger
ENGINE TYPE: Gas/Ethanol V6, displacement- 3.6L/217, Horsepower- 300 @ 6500, Torque- 262 @ 5300
TRANSMISSION: 6-speed automatic
FUEL ECONOMY (C/D EST):  EPA City driving: 18 mpg, highway driving: 30 mpg

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